Posted by: glennandert | 20-August-2008

Hermit Crab

Check this guy out. Yep, that’s a hermit crab – about the size of your fist! I found this guy out wandering around the reef during a solo night dive off the outer reef at Mana Island, Fiji.

I would be interested if anybody can ID this crab. I’ve looked around and have not been able to find a match, even at 🙂

Here is “lookin at ya”:

Here is a satellite photo of Mana Island where I found this critter. The dive site is on the outer reef just west of the SE corner of the reef system surrounding the island. ‘Learjet’ as anchored inside the lagoon. On the east side you can see the narrow pass to get ‘Learjet’ in and out of the lagoon. It’s narrow enough that you cannot turn around once you enter! This dive was at night. During the day, I set up a float outside the reef, and GPS coordinates, and took the inflatable dinghy over the reef at high tide. Even though there is a about a meter of depth at high tide, it is still a bit unnerving doing this at night!



  1. Great photos. For those potential new entrants to the diving fraternity check out Anyone Can Dive on Tony`s Blog to see how they do it on Mana Island.

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