My previous life was centered around a career in software start-ups in Silicon Valley. Then I escaped and became El Capitan on ‘Learjet’ sailing around the South Pacific for three years.

I’ve settled in Wellington New Zealand with my lovely partner Pamela, where I am a startup mentor, working with new ventures. I am currently getting acquainted with Ruby on Rails, cloud computing, and the local technology and investment community.

I will be using this site to blog about sailing, scuba diving, photography and what’s happening.



  1. Glenn

    I would like to reprint your post “Take a Good Hard Look in the Mirror” with attribution to my NWTA blog at http://nwtamkp.blogspot.com/. May I do that?


    Old-faithful Wolf, Camp Krem, CA, Oct 1999

  2. Yep, that’s fine.

  3. Welcome to the world of those who grasp digital mobility. You’re a fresh addition to balance the reactivation of the Minnesota Luddite know as the ‘Dor.

    Check out http://www.advancedtransit.net.

  4. Helloooo!

    I have an aquatic hardware-related questions and, a few years back, I knew a guy who re-built a boat by himself.

    So I dug up some three year old email posts and found this blog.

    If the photos do you justice you are looking well, Glenn. That is good to see.

    There’s lots to catch up on. I have a question, though, if you’re willing.


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