Posted by: glennandert | 1-February-2010

Microsoft buries the world in rubbish

Just installed Office:mac 2004. Yes, I know that’s an old version. Better than the new ones, I’m told. And cheaper too!

Anyway, the packaging is absolutely unbelievably over-the-top anti-environment and downright disgusting. Here is the unpacking sequence:

1. You remove the plastic wrap on the outside of the package.
2. This exposes the plastic box about the size of a dictionary. This box is strong enough to protect the wee CD inside from a grenade going off. But, you pry it open.
3. This exposes the plastic casing which is equally able to protect the CD from a Mack truck. Not as easy to get open as the box.
4. This exposes the totally bullet proof and highly reusable plastic CD holder.
5. Ah, finally, the CD.

Did I say this is disgusting? Oh yeah, I did already mention that.

Of course, it could be distributed via iTunes, with NO packaging. Hey, I’d be willing to go down to the computer store with my thumb drive and ‘fill er up’. Anything but this death by packaging please……



  1. You are so funny !! I am so into the over packaging that companies believe they need to provide –just ask any parent that has to un package a gift at Christmas for a little one ..its like they don’t really want the child to play with the toy and I am guessing it extends to big kid toys too !!

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