Posted by: glennandert | 5-August-2008

Sea Snake

Here is another of my favorites, the Yellow Lipped Sea Snake.

Wikipedia has a great article on sea snakes.

One of the interesting facts there is that the lung in the sea snake is very large and extends almost the entire length of the body, although it seems likely that the rear portion developed to aid buoyancy, rather than to exchange gas. The extended lung may serve as a means of storing air for dives.

Sea snakes in general are able to respire through their skin. This is unusual for reptiles, because their skin is thick and scaly, but experiments with have shown that some species can satisfy about 20% of their oxygen requirements in this manner, which allows for prolonged dives.

When I have seen them scuba diving, I rarely see them surface for air. So they can indeed stay down for a very long time.

They are generally mild tempered. I’ve never seen any aggressive tendencies.

Wikipedia says that most species of sea snake prey on fish. I’ve never seen this species actually catch anything, but I have watched them for eons foraging which they do by a never ending process of sticking their heads inside holes and crevices.

All sea snakes are ovoviviparous – the young are born alive in the water where they live out their entire life cycle.

And I believe that this species is venemous.


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