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Take a Good Hard Look in the Mirror

Wellington Training Asks Kiwi Men to Take a Good Hard Look in the Mirror.

Why This is Newsworthy?

We’ve been changing the world, one man at a time, for about 20 years now. At last count, about 40,000 men worldwide. So, it’s boring, really. Well, unless you think the world needs more men with accountability and integrity. You know, a man that

  • is fully accountable for his actions and their consequences,
  • stands up and takes full responsibility for his life,
  • steps forward as a man without apologizing for who he is,
  • and has an open heart and compassionate mindfulness.

Who is behind this?

The New Zealand Mankind Project. Never heard of us? Not surprising – branding is for cows, not men.

What is this all about?

This is a training by men for men, and about being a man:

    A man has a connection to his feelings – he

  • connects with his feelings with his feet on the ground,
  • can clarify his feelings and express those feelings directly and authentically,
  • balances the depth of his heart with the wisdom of his mind,
  • and is authentic.
    A man is a leader – he

  • steps up to lead or mentor,
  • puts himself on the line and takes risks, with the courage to be vulnerable,
  • is fully alive and present,
  • gives his gifts to the world with a sense of purpose and clarity,
    with neither apology nor arrogance.
    A man steps into his relationships fully – he is able to

  • commit
  • be intimate
  • listen with his heart
  • speak his deepest truth

And it’s about being welcomed into a community of men governed by honesty, integrity and a level of trust that most men never know.

If that’s too kinky for you, go ahead stay a neanderthal.

Who the Hell Cares About This #$%* Anyway?

Let’s see, Mr Neanderthal’s partner seems to really “get this”. In fact, her response is “duh, it’s about time”. Then there are the folks that have to work with Mr. Neanderthal. And did I mention Mr. Neanderthal’s poor kids?

Does Anybody Say Good Things About This?

There are some awesome video testimonials at the MKP website.

Here are some text testimonials from men that have attended the training:

I went through my weekend in 1997. Its the most life altering experience I’ve had. Over the years the empowerment has spread to every part of my life. I am very, very happy with the life I have created.”- Burt W.

The New Warrior Training Adventure was a turning point in my life. I really noticed how I felt different crossing the threshold of my home Sunday night. I felt a depth of gratitude, responsibility, and love for myself, my family, job, and friends well up within me. I could see more clearly how I needed to live in the world around me. My confusion, emptiness, and aloneness had cleared. I began to trust in a deeper part of myself that I always sensed, but couldn’t act upon in my day to day living. It was truly wonderful to make the journey with others, and receive the support from so many men. I had never experienced this much trust and love from men in the past.” – Sean Niland

Some text testimonials from the partners of men that have attended:

I wish more money went into things like New Warrior instead of prison growth. If the court sentenced men to a weekend, the world would become a different place. The Mankind Project saved our marriage & I believe it saved Scott’s life. I am a true believer! This works. I hope more men make the decision to give themselves the gift. That’s what it is, a gift.” – Camille Darkes

My husband came in the front door and looked into my eyes and stayed there long enough to see my heart and soul. He’s never done this in our 18 years of marriage. This makes me feel so close and loved by him. Our 6-year-old daughter told me that daddy feels soft and more cuddly. I really appreciate the staff for giving me back my husband.” – a wife at an NWTA graduation

There are more testimonials and newspaper articles here and here.

Where is this?

I wish I could say that it is at our new 5-star resort for the new man. Sorry. Toughen up blokes – it’s at Camp Wainui in Wainuiomata, east of Wellington and Hutt Cities.

When is it?

The weekend of September 26-28. A whole weekend? Hey, it takes time to thaw out your average Neanderthal.

Does this Service Cost Money?

We have to pay for a place for you to sleep, the food you are going to eat, etc, etc. So, yes, there is a fee. That said, we won’t turn away a man that wants to come but can’t afford it.

More Information?

The ManKind Project is a not-for-profit, non-religious organisation. Call free 0800 MANKIND (0800 626 5463) or go to the website

For further information contact Glenn Andert (Wellington), 027.354.4950.


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