Posted by: glennandert | 18-June-2008

Blue Ribbon Eel

Here is another photo from Namena (see this blog post).

I saw some of these eels my previous year, also in Fiji. I took a lot of photos, all of which suffered one or more flaws with focus, lighting or blur (the little buggers want to disappear just as you press the shutter release).

These eels are shy, cute and absolutely gorgeous. It hides in sane or crevices in rocks where it hides waiting to dart out to feed on small fishes. It’s mouth is open because it is breathing, not because it wants to eat you!

The coloration in this photo indicates that is an adult male. Other colorations are possible, but I’ve only seen this one. As the eel grows and gets older, it changes sex from a male to a female. And it changes its colour from blue to yellow as it becomes a fully mature female.

For more details, check out Blue Ribbon Eel on Wikipedia.

Check out this photo at Wikipedia — if only mine was this good!


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