Posted by: glennandert | 6-June-2008

Pink Anemone Fish from Mana Island

The top of my blog site has a photo of a Pink Anemone fish nestled among a landscape of blue anemones. This was taken 18-July-2007 on the ocean side of the fringing reef of Mana Island in the Mamanuca Group on the western side of the main island of Vitu Levu in Fiji, a half-day sail from Nadi. My nephew, Eddie, and drove ‘Learjet’s dinghy out through the waves over the fringing reef, anchored in the rubble, and had a fantastic scuba dive at one of the many lovely dive sites on the outer wall of the fringing reef.

Here is an arial of Mana Island:

Mana Island

Here is another version of that same photo. Enjoy! The anemone really is blue with red underside. That’s not a figment of my Photoshop imagination!

Pink Anemone Fish



  1. […] photos were taken on a night dive on the outer reef at Mana Island, Fiji. See this post for further […]

  2. Great picture. Were there a lot of them or just this one?

  3. In this clump, several anemones and several fish. On a single dive you might see a handful of clumps.

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